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Are you looking for Earring Findings Wholesale? Do you want to find Earring Findings & Components at Wholesale Prices? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Earring Findings Wholesale

We are a large Earring Findings Wholesale Company that specializes in Earring Jewelry Parts and Components. No matter what you need for the production of your earrings, we have it all.

We specialize in providing Artists and Jewelry Manufacturers with the Best Earring Findings at the Lowest Prices.

Cheap Earring Findings for Wholesale Prices

With over 10 years of experience in the earring finding industry, we know exactly what our customers need. We offer our high-quality Earring Findings at wholesale prices, so that you get them at a very affordable price.

What are earring findings?

Earring Findings are all jewelry parts and components such as earwires, chandeliers, ear cuffs, climbers, french hooks and beads that are needed to make earrings.

Different Types of Earring Findings

Here is a list of different Types of Jewelry Findings:

1. French or Shepherd Hooks 

shepherd hooks earring findings

Hook earwires are easy to manufacture and therefore inexpensive. There are many different types and shapes of hook earwires, which means that different earring jewelry can be made with them. A small stopper ensures that the hook earring does not slip on the ear.

2. Ear Threads

Ear Threads earring findings

Earring threads go through the pierced ear and hang down on both sides. This creates a very cool effect.

3. Kidney Wires

Kidney Wires earring findings

Kidney wires have a kidney shape and are therefore very non-slip on the pierced ear. They almost never fall out. That makes them very popular earring wires. They are also very cheap and come in different sizes and materials.

4. Chandeliers

Chandeliers earring findings

Chandeliers are similar in shape to a chandelier, hence their name. They are attached to an ear wire and hang from it. So you can create a wide variety of designs.

5. Wire Hoops

Wire Hoops earring findings

Wire Hoops are very thin ear wires to which various beads, chandeliers or other jewelry components can be attached. Wire hoops can be tied together using a snap-in system or other methods exist. Wire hoops are available in different sizes and shapes.

6. Charms

charms earring findings

Charms are actually small jewelry components that are used for necklaces or bracelets. Smaller charms are also ideal for earrings. Just be creative!

7. Hinged Hoops

Hinged Hoops earring findings

Hinged hoops are more expensive than wire hoops and are thicker in their design. They are more stable and the locking system is also different. Their design allows “heavier” components to be attached. Hinged hoops are generally more expensive than wire hoops. They are available in different shapes and sizes.

8. V-wires

v-wires earring findings

V-Wires are ear wires in a V format. Their shape is popular because you can attach various jewelry components to it. In addition, v-wires can carry heavier jewelry components.

9. Earring Posts

earring post findings

Earring Posts are basically pins for the ears. At their end, most of them are various jewelry components. They are very easy to use and simply put through the pierced ear. They don’t hang down like other earrings, but float directly on the ear. These are usually the first earrings you buy when you pierce your ear.

Other Earring Findings Components

I have tried to divide the earring jewelry components into categories here. Of course there are many other types of earring jewelry components that I could not clearly identify here. Just visit our online shop and browse through the thousands of jewelry components that we offer.


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